Work 1

Guardians & Between land and love, installed
Between land and love
42 x 10 x 4in.
porcelain, terra Sigillata, 22K gold leaf
(left), 20x14x15in./ (right) 19x15x15in.
porcelain, oil
A threshold breach & Through you, installed
A threshold breach (left), detail
Full piece 43x20x20in.
porcelain, oil, 22k gold leaf
A threshold breach (right), detail
Full piece 45x20x20in.
porcelain, oil
Concealed, a fire burns
porcelain, terra sigillata
Within me no.2
porcelain, terra sigillata, oil
Within me no. 3
4 in. round
porcelain, terra sigillata, oil